Announcing the Recipients of the High Point 2022 Beverly Year-End Awards

CHAMPION: Kelty O’Donoghue
RESERVE: Taylor Kamataris

The remaining top five recipients are:

  • 3rd Place: Kurt Martin
  • 4th Place: Madeleine Riley
  • 5th Place: Melissa Baumann
The first-place finisher will receive the Beverly Equestrian Challenge Cup presented by Davis Equine + Ride Safe. All top five finishers will receive additional prizes including gift certificates to sponsor Tri-County Feeds. Please contact the show secretary to receive your prizes.

Congratulations riders!

Other participants may contact the show secretary to see how they stacked up again the rest of the field.

Thanks you so much for participating.

We are counting 2023 results for the 2023 year-end prizes.