Announcing the Recipients of the High Point 2022 Beverly Year-End Awards

CHAMPION: Kelty O’Donoghue
RESERVE: Taylor Kamataris

The remaining top five recipients are:

  • 3rd Place: Kurt Martin
  • 4th Place: Madeleine Riley
  • 5th Place: Melissa Baumann
The first-place finisher will receive the Beverly Equestrian Challenge Cup presented by Davis Equine + Ride Safe. All top five finishers will receive additional prizes including gift certificates to sponsor Tri-County Feeds. Please contact the show secretary to receive your prizes.

Congratulations riders!

Other participants may contact the show secretary to see how they stacked up again the rest of the field.

Thanks you so much for participating.

We are counting 2023 results for the 2023 year-end prizes.

Davis Equine + Ride Safe + Virginia Equine Rehabilitation Center Add Best Conditioned Horse Awards

THE PLAINS, Virginia – June 2022 – Five Rings Eventing, LLC is pleased to announce a partnership with Davis Equine + Ride Safe + Virginia Equine Rehabilitation and Performance Center (VRC) to provide a groom’s and best conditioned horses awards at this year’s event.

The MARS Great Meadow International (MARSGMI) takes place in The Plains, Virginia on August 25-28, 2022 and offers CCI4-S, CCI3-S, CCI2*-S and preliminary divisions.

“Davis Equine’s inaugural groom’s award in 2021 was a really special addition to this event,” said Max Corcoran, a member of the organizing committee and professional groom herself. “With inflation increasing all expenses associated with putting on this top-level event, we are grateful to our friends at Davis Equine + Ride Safe for offering to sponsor a prize for these deserving grooms.”

Davis Equine + Ride Safe has been supporting MARSGMI for years. Now, in addition to providing beautiful leather halters to winners in each division, Davis Equine will also provide a $200 gift certificate to Tri-Country Feeds Fashions and Finds, a leather shank, and a Ride Safe bracelet to the best groom nominated by the ground jury of the CCI4*-S division.

“For Davis Equine + VRC to add a Best Conditioned Horse award for all three FEI division winners on top of their already generous Groom’s Award really shows their commitment to the sport and welfare of the horse,” said Darrin Mollett, who, together with David O’Connor run Five Ring’s Eventing, the Organizer of the event.

This year, the best conditional horse award includes a full rehabilitation center therapy session to include an Equine Therapy International treadmill (water or dry) session, Vitafloor VM2, VITAFLOOR HORSE VIBRATION PLATES (vibration floor stall) session and Q-Line MeRCuRR – Equine Solarium session for all 3 FEI division winners.

“When David and I envisioned this event eight years ago, we always saw it as a community-based event on an international stage,” continued Mollett. “To have our local businesses contribute in this generous way makes the hard work worth it and ensures the longevity of this event for our community athletes for years to come.”

“Davis Equine + Ride Safe + VRC is excited to partner with this great local competition again,” said Dr. Chad Davis of Davis Equine. “We understand how important the work of these grooms is to the health and welfare of the equine athlete and are honored to recognize their immense contribution to the sport.”

In 2020, MARSGMI successfully implemented the “Great Meadow Model” to run a safe event during the pandemic. This year will be no different as MARSGMI will return to the same model to allow spectators to enjoy the competition in a safe environment.

Returning for 2022, MARSGMI will offer general admission weekend passes as well as fabulous tailgate options for spectators. Vendors, a wine vendor, and food trucks have been invited to enhance the spectator experience. The VIPet display featuring MARS EQUESTRIAN treats for dogs also makes a welcome return. Catering is also offered by Salamander Market.

“Great Meadow is truly a special place in the heart of Northern Virginia horse country,” said O’Connor. “We are especially excited to broaden the reach of this event to be more inclusive of our community members, businesses, and organizations who share our love of open space, animal well-being, and the Piedmont.”