Happy 4th of July!

🇺🇸Happy Fourth of July!⭐️
For horse people this holiday can be a little stressful! We want to share some tips on how to help your horses stay as comfortable as possible during the festivities so that maybe you can enjoy your evening too!

  1. If fireworks are being set off by neighbors, try to get in contact with them to explain the dangers of explosives with horses and hay barns and ask them to set off their fireworks as far as possible from your barn. Don’t forget to ask when they plan to start setting their fireworks off so that you have time to prepare!
  2. Make a decision on where you are going to keep your horses. We highly recommend not disrupting the horses’ routine, as they are creatures of habit. If they are going to be stalled make sure that there is nothing in the stall that could injure them. If they are staying out check the fencing. (Pro tip: sometimes playing a radio in the barn can mask the sounds of distant fireworks! You can also leave the lights in the barn to make the light flashes less noticeable.)
  3. Make sure your horse has hay. Not only does this keep the horses busy, but when horses are stressed, they produce stomach acid and hay serves as a natural means to manage that acid. If you have a horse that is ulcer prone consider using your favorite ulcer prevention method.
  4. If your horse has a history of being extremely stressed during fireworks, consider asking your vet to prescribe a tranquilizer and/or a sedative.